Mauerfall Kollektiv is a recording, mixing & production studio located at Kreativstadt Weißensee – Berlin.  We offer a range of high quality audio services to musicians, video/film-makers and game developers, including professional recording, mixing and creative songwriting services. Scroll through to find out more about us or contact us with your queries.




We offer a range of services to anyone who requires professional help with audio engineering and music production including musicians, film-makers, game developers, media producers, voice-over artists & podcasters.


Record your audio live or overdub in our 18-track, acoustically treated, natural sounding room with access to a wide array of instruments, microphone choices and preamps; equipped with a separate vocal booth.

MIXING (In-Studio & Online)

Using industry standard plugins and high-end analogue outboard gear we can help bring tonal and dynamic balance to your songs in order to elevate them to their full potential. We pride ourselves in delivering a professional quality mix by leveraging on years of engineering experience and a deep understanding of music.


Whether you want lyrics for your beats or beats for your lyrics; or just need original music for your project, we offer our musicianship and production skills to help you and your ideas find their own sound.

We can even be your session musicians!


We offer library & bespoke sound effects, loops and music for different mediums (TV, Radio, Films, Games) ranging from power-up sounds for mobile games to epic film soundtracks and everything in between.

We can also help you with the following post-production needs:

Voice-overs & ADR
Re-recording Mix


Get your audio files edited and optimized with:

Pitch/Time Correction & Drum Editing
Quantizing & Beat Mapping
Fades, Volume Levelling and Audio Clean-up
Removal of unwanted noise/pauses


Audio Samples from recording and mix sessions at MK studios. For further examples of our sound, please visit the Sound Library & Lounge Sessions pages.

A Selection from Studio Recordings, Mixes & Masters:

Live Studio Recordings (Mixed & Mastered):

About the Studio

The MK Studio is a one-room (plus separate vocal booth) 18-track, hybrid studio based around the UAD Apollo/Satellite platform complemented with Rupert Neve Design 500 series analogue gear.

We have a well stocked mic-collection, an assortment of musical instruments, an extensive plugin collection and sample libraries covering a wide spectrum. We are the modern studio, with a small footprint… but a big sound!

What you get with MK

  • A high quality sound, achieved with attention to detail, experience and passion
  • Access to all our instruments, equipment and engineers without any additional hiring charges
  • A friendly and open team, speaking a total of 6 languages
  • A unique environment with a real Berlin flair, a small petting-zoo, chill-out areas & a café with a recreational room and great parking possibilities
  • Coffee, snacks, water and an inspiring playground for creativity

To discuss your project and request a quote email us!

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