One of our main goals and missions when setting up our space has been to go beyond the usual day-to-day workings of a music studio and to initiate projects that promote Berlin’s rich music scene, celebrate the coming together of different cultures and use artistic collaboration as a means to tear down some proverbial walls. To this end we have been trying to play our part with the following platforms, which are humble efforts as a start, but have much grander ambitions:


Attachment-1With the earnings from our first two projects, we set about the production of the pilot season of the MK Lounge Sessions. This entailed a process of scouting for talented musicians in Berlin. The season included four episodes of performances and interviews by Fjaka, Chinaski in Space, Birds and Coughs and the house band. We were joined by our friend Tom Alan Davies of TAD productions to help us with filming and editing. Click here to watch the complete series.  


Green Circle Environment Logo (1)On the 21st of June, for Fête de la Musique – Berlin, we took to the streets of Berlin and went all acoustic! We thought the longest day of Summer would be the perfect time to kickstart MK’s Busking for Change initiative, where we pledged to donate all collections to Greenpeace Berlin. Competition from electric powered stages was fierce but it still made for good fun! Click here to watch a short video recapping the day and its festivities.


Copy of LoopholesWe have composed, produced and released 2 sound libraries under the Creative Commons license as a free resource for independent filmmakers. The songs are atmospheric, ambient and emotive and have been written specifically with the intention of being used as score and background music for films and videos. All the songs were produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in-house. Click here to listen.


erasmusIn February 2020 we were joined by Beatriz Bronze for what was planned as a three month long internship. This was organized via the Erasmus Plus internship program. The main aim of the internship was to allow for multinational experience, knowledge sharing and the practical application of the student’s learning during their studies. Beatriz (artist name Evaya) arrived from ETIC Portugal and was a welcome addition to our team. Unfortunately due to present circumstances related to the coronavirus, the program had to be cut short. 


In the near future, we are planning to take all of these platforms to the next level. With the second season of the MK Lounge Sessions, we are working towards a series that will go beyond just performances and interviews and will attempt to explore solutions to certain socio-political issues that have global impact. With the Busking for Change initiative we wish to collaborate with partnering organisations and scale it up to level where we can raise more substantial amounts of money for worthy causes. With time we are also planning on adding to our sound libraries with regularity, with the hope to make it a more comprehensive solution for videographers. Finally, we hope to collaborate further with the Erasmus Plus program and other such initiatives to help more fresh graduates kick start their careers in the audio industry. 

Despite being an independent collective with limited resources, we have big plans for and this is not the extent of our community-geared efforts. We are always happy and open to new partnerships that will help us work towards our goals of local and global community building, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to collaborate!