We are sorry to say that Nik has left this project as of the past August, due to personal and professional reasons; however our friendship and collaboration stands strong, including the recording of his upcoming debut release on the studio premises and further session work as bassist.

Nik started this project with us since day one and will always be a part of it and still remain involved in a few studio activities, so this isn’t a definite goodbye. We wish him all the best for his future and will continue to work as a duo.


In this surprisingly hot Berlin summer, we´ve spent the last weeks with vast jamming – including some with a pianist friend, which we´ll further pursue & film – and also rehearsal for our acoustic stint at this year´s Fête de la Musique, done as part of our “Busking For Change”, will all donations going to Greenpeace – Berlin. Apart from other jobs (incl. a Chilean drummer and a Malinese musician), we also engaged on a rewarding full producing session (songwriting, session musicians, recording, mixing) for a single for a Taiwanese singer, which turned out really well (! Our pedal collection has also been improved with 2 important and inspiring additions. We´ll continue to come up with content for you and our social media and have a few more promising gigs before Summer break kicks in. Thanks for following!


First of all, happy 2019 for everyone out there! After an extended vacation period, we joined back here and have been actively working on our very own Lounge Sessions, the first episodes of which you’ll be able to watch along the month of February. Attachment-1

Everything was recorded live in our studio and we handled the mix & master, while in the UK Tom Davis (from TAD Productions) took care of all video editing. Stay tuned for that, we hope you enjoyed the results – it was a lot of fun to make! Also free to contact us to know all about the very attractive 2019 rates.


The mixing duties for both Snörp´s Debut EP and Soundscapism Inc.´s “Touching Your Infinity” album, both also tracked in our premises, were successfully completed and a third mixing work, for Mali ensemble Dokuz Sekiz, is almost there. cover2finalNovember will see us mostly focused on a video project, marking the start of the MK Lounge Sessions endeavour. A video director from the UK has just visited us and will stay for 2 weeks at the studio, filming 3 amazing Berlin-based bands (Fjaka, Chinaski In Space & Birds and Coughs) who accepted the challenge to record & film a performance of theirs, plus a compact making-of and interview footage. On the first days, the focus will be on our own projects, namely Usama Siddiq’s self-titled solo project, Bruno A’ solo project (Soundscapism Inc.) and the third being a jam by the house band, led by Nik’s bass – on all three the Kollektiv members will be involved in playing. The results will hopefully start being shared in the first ides of 2019, one per week, so stay tuned!


We had the privilege of having Snörp – a kickass rock band from Berlin-Köpenick – recording with us throughout one full weekend (pic below). We will now handle the mix for their 4 tracks. DSC_0247

Also, the studio now boasts 2 brand new isolation doors, one for the outside and another for the recording booth (see Gallery). This will allow for a great improvement in sound separation and isolation, as well as looking pretty damn nice!


Portfolio and samples coming soon, as well as more gallery content including pictures of the instruments and mics.

Also, stay tuned for the MK Lounge… our upcoming platform for live musical performances!

We are also working towards adding a recording booth to the studio soon, amongst other upgrades.