Production Music Library

MK’s Production Music Libraries are a resource for multimedia content creators. Feel free to use them as per the licensing conditions stated below. Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring a basic or extended license for the tracks or if you would like us to compose original music for your project.

Free License * Basic License* 2 Year Extended License** Unlimited Extended License*
Online Videos, Animations, Slide-shows on Social Media ✓ (with Credit)
Educational/Public Awareness CDs/DVDs ✓ (with Credit only for Non Profit Ventures)
Background Music at Places of Business or Music on Hold x
Online Advertising and Promoted Content on Social Media x
Local TV/Radio Advertising x
National/International TV/Radio Advertising x x
Apps, Softwares, Video Games and other CDs/DVDs*** x x
VOD, Cinema, TV/Radio Programming x x
Pricing Free € 50 per Track € 450 per Track (€ 225 per Track for Non-Profit Ventures) € 2000 per Track (€ 1000 per Track for Non-Profit Ventures)

Free license is granted as per CC BY-SA 4.0

Resale as audio-only material (for example audio books, audio podcasts, soundtracks and adding lyrics to make your own song) is not allowed.

* License valid for an unlimited time duration

** License valid for 2 year period following which a renewal is required

*** Not allowed for Video or Music Production Softwares